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syngo Ultrasound Workplace provides more flexibility for cardiologists

New technology supports offline image processing and reporting

Image acquisition, post-processing and reporting – up to now cardiologists had to perform these tasks directly at their ultrasound system. Increasingly flexible and more efficient workflow processes in clinical environments and medical practices make it a necessity to be able to evaluate image data independently of the system – for instance, at the computer in the doctor’s office. The new Siemens syngo Ultrasound Workplace now offers an offline solution for physicians that allows for ultrasound image processing as well as new measurements and comprehensive analyses of cardiac functions on any computer. The advantage: The ultrasound system is available for examination of the next patient in a shorter period of time, and the physician can finish less urgent or more complex reporting in a quieter work phase.

The syngo Ultrasound Workplace for echocardiography provides numerous innovative applications, such as syngo Auto Ejection Fraction (Auto EF). It enables automatic, fast and reliable measurement of the cardiac ejection fraction, i.e. the amount of blood pumped into the body per contraction. This increases the preciseness of cardiac quantification, which is required, for example, for the detection and evaluation of heart failure. The syngo Vector Velocity Imaging technology (VVI) gives healthcare professionals a whole new kind of access to the heart: It uses ultrasound data for imaging the mechanical aspects of heart contractions. Thus, it is now possible to analyze the direction of movement and velocity of individual heart segments.

"The offline functionality of the new syngo Ultrasound Workplace improves the efficiency of the entire workflow," said Klaus Hambüchen, head of Siemens Medical Solutions’ Ultrasound Division. "Patient throughput is substantially increased since image processing, functional measurement and reporting can be conveniently performed outside the echocardiography lab."

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