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surgiCam – the medical camera system

surgiCam by KLS Martin

TUTTLINGEN. surgiCam by GHE-member KLS Martin is a digital camera system, which guarantees high quality visualisation of the entire surgical procedures.

Communication and information nowadays play a vital role in many surgical, endoscopic and other imaging interventions and procedures. Specifically, digital image documentation of surgical procedures and live operations are increasingly gaining importance.

surgiCam from KLS Martin gets you directly in touch with what’s happening in the OR – live. In conjunction with our novel marLux® operating light generation, the digital camera system offers you everything you need for high-quality visualization and image transmission of entire surgical procedures.

surgiCam can either be integrated into the center of a marLux® light head or installed on a separate suspension arm. This ensures an excellent view of the surgical site for any intervention.

surgiCam comes in a modular and highly flexible design so you can easily tailor this versatile system to your specific needs. All variants feature a high-resolution CCD-chip camera with 300x zoom (25x optical) capable of capturing even the smallest image details. Motorized image erection – a function that ensures laterally correct image display on the screen – is optionally available as well. In other words, time-consuming camera or light adjustments by the surgical staff are definitely a thing of the past.