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me2me's Frisbee transcription workflow solutions available in US

Frisbee transcription workflow management software from me2me creates a portal for dictation users to store, send, and prioritize dictations. Transcription companies can use the software to serve clients better.

The software, popular in Europe, was recently released in the US through an exclusive distribution agreement with 1450 Inc. The software allows authors to track progress of transcriptions and dictate directly into the portal.

The Frisbee line of products includes Frisbee Pro, Frisbee Enterprise, and Frisbee Smart. Frisbee Pro is a workstation product that organizes the transcription and dictation processes for authors and transcriptionists by creating, a workstation-based, avenue for sharing and organizing jobs. Frisbee Enterprise is a server-based solution for organizations that need to manage many transcription workflows from one interface. Frisbee Smart wraps all of the features of Frisbee into users' smartphones through the Frisbee App. Authors working with transcriptionists using Frisbee can easily manage their dictation. Frisbee enables authors to specify formatting, prioritize jobs, automatically send dictation, and track progress.

Transcriptionists and authors using Frisbee Pro can integrate Nuance's Dragon Medical or Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software to do the initial transcription, allowing the transcriptionist to edit, and finalize dictations, a process that typically cuts the time spent on a document in half.