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marLux® - Operating Light of the next generation by KLS Martin

No operation is identical, and light is not always the same, either. Not at the start of an intervention, and even less so as it proceeds, when the illumination of deeper tissue structures is of particular importance. Every surgeon routinely needs light of different quality during an operation, switching between higher and lower intensity, high-contrast and shadow-reducing illumination of the surgical field. Thanks to their centriXbeam® offering variable deep-cavity illumination, marLux® operating lights provide excellent support and flexibility in any surgical situation.

Clear advantages. For clear productivity gains.

  • Quasi-daylight surgical field illumination with a constant color temperature guaranteed.
  • Minimal heat development – the cool light prevents tissue desiccation.
  • Much higher luminous efficiency compared with halogen light – thanks to long-life discharge lamps.
  • Color fidelity – for safe identification of tissue changes.
  • High color temperature – for more power of concentration. It is a fact.

Look forward to a perfected total concept including an integrated, powerful camera system for digital telemedicine. Trust the experience of a manufacturer who proves its OR competence day after day with thousands of products. KLS Martin – Surgical innovation is our passion.