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IDT France

i.Patchs, new concept of healtcare and cosmetic treatment from IDT FRANCE

i.patchs are a range of compact electronical stimulators that are conceived by idt france's medical department facing various daily problems of health or cosmetic from modern society (as pain, tobacco addiction, cellulite, wrinkles, stress, headache,...).
Medical department of idt france has conceived various micro-currents safe and efficace to improve and correct these troubles.
i.patchs function with a mini battery and will be stick on specific areas of body in their specific indication. There are many advantages of the concept :
- very compact, i.patchs can be used many times during the day
- in some precise healthcare fiels, they can be used with medicines and help to low the chemical substance to be taken, avoiding much chemical interactions.
- their safety and efficacy have been proved by french clinical & laboratory trials, in health files (pain, stress, tobacco addiction, headaches,...) and in cosmetic field (cellulite, wrinkles,...)
- they have CE medical certificate, FDA certificate and free sale certificate from Franch Health ministry
- i.patchs have been exported in various worldwide countries and met much enthousiasm

The today range of i.patchs are 6 items :
- Cosmetic field : Slim patch anti-cellulite, Skeen patch anti-age
- Healthcare field : Kalm patch anti-pain, Kool patch anti-stress, O² patch anti-smoking, GO patch anti-headache

The i.patchs program of research and development is continuing and the medical team of idt france will put into markets new ones during 2007.

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