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Cardiette Cardioline et Medical Devices S.p.A.

et medical devices SpA has acquired Remco Italia SpA

et medical devices SpA and Remco Italia SpA, leading companies involved in developing, manufacturing and marketing of advanced cardiology products under the brands Cardiette® and Cardioline®, are pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the purchase of Remco Italia SpA by et medical devices SpA. This operation envisages the purchase of all shares of Remco, and of the Cardioline® brand by et medical devices SpA, and its success is also due to the participation of a leading financial partner. The agreement creates the conditions for the establishment of a group that is ready to play a leading role in the cardiology sector in Europe and throughout the world, with all the consequent advantages for its customers. In fact, the two companies complement one another in several ways, in the areas of both sales and technical/production resources, as confirmed by the joint analysis performed by the management teams of the two companies. The agreement guarantees business continuity for the Europe and overseas organization, bringing in new resources, skills and experience. In an increasingly complex competitive scenario, et medical devices thus relaunches its desire to play a leading role on the international stage, confirming its ongoing sales and marketing strategy.