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eHIT leverages mobile technologies to enhance remote self-care services


eHIT Health Gateway platform offers a mobile solution to collect measurements directly from the measuring devices and seamlessly transfer the collected data to the healthcare personnel for further analysis. According to the type of monitoring instrument used, measured data are easily transferred to the patient's mobile device via Bluetooth, infrared or cable connection.

A single mobile device can collect, store and transfer information from different measuring devices. This also makes it possible to integrate devices from different manufacturers. For example, a blood pressure monitor, a weighing scale and a glucometer can be used to collect and register key information in diabetes care.

The patient can browse the results from a list or have them displayed in a clear graphical form directly on the screen of the mobile device. This gives the patients an immediate overview of the treatment progress.

Results are linked together and immediately forwarded by using GPRS, GSM or 3G technologies to the healthcare provider, where they are available for review. Following the analysis, the doctor or other healthcare professional can send feedback to the patient. As a result, patients not only remain informed about their health status via the information displayed on the mobile device, but can also quickly adapt their treatment, diet or exercise programme in response to the medical advice they receive from their healthcare provider.

The combination of self-monitoring devices with mobile technology presents several advantages in comparison with traditional monitoring methods. Remote measurement and monitoring is made possible regardless of a patient's location. Accurate measurement results are available in real time and in the required format. The patients' treatment can be monitored and quickly adapted to a change in health status as they can receive feedback regarding their treatment almost immediately. Furthermore, by being able to follow the progress of their treatment, patients are more motivated to comply with prescribed therapy. Additionally, evidence-based process traceability is provided.