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EKU Elektronik GmbH

Xenon anaesthesia with new anaesthetic unit from EKU

At this year's MEDICA EKU Elektronik will present for the first time to an international audience a new anaesthetic unit specialised in application with Xenon which was medically approved as medicinal product in Germany last year.
Many years of experience in development and production of technologically sophisticated medical electronics were the basis for the realisation of this innovative anaesthesia unit.

EKU will introduce commercial Xenon anaesthesia with the TANGENS 2C and its Xenon option. The electronic EGAMIX system serves as precondition for the economic application of Xenon as anaesthetic. The precise and extremely tight electronic gas mixer doses and measures the entire fresh gas flow in a quasi closed circuit system in low flow and minimal flow settings. An integrated monitoring system ("ANATREND") for supervising the depth of anaesthesia offers new opportunities for an optimal dosage of Xenon. Thus the anaesthetic supply can be adjusted to individual requirements. In order to control the consumption the data is collected via an electronic interface and documented in the anaesthesia record and can be calculated as direct costs in the module for materials consumption.

EKU at MEDICA in Düsseldorf: hall 11, stand H03