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The Electrode Co., Ltd

Vital New Product

As reported in The Operating Theatre Journal Sept/Oct 2005, the latest newsletter from the Electrode Company Ltd highlights a "Vital New Product"

The Electrode Company Ltd specialises in non-invasive monitoring optical sensors and high performance pulse oximetry. The company produces a regular customer newsletter, entitled "The Pulse", and the latest 2005 edition, No 6, is now available to all interested parties. The keynote article in this issue provides background to a "vital new product".

The article reveals how budget shortfalls are preventing adoption of a new, low cost product, "which could help prevent deaths and complications as diverse as strokes, cerebal palsy, and visual impairment in premature babies."
This product is the Lightman SpO2 sensor tester microspectrometer, the only tester on the market to measure pulse oximeter sensor LED wavelength accuracy. Trials in UK hospitals of this device have been met with "massive enthusiasm".

Also featured in this latest issue is an article headlined "CE Marking and FDA Clearance make no guarantee of sensor accuracy". Furthermore, there are quotes from senior corporate executives on pulse oximeter devices, confirming that simulators test only for functionality, not accuracy. Additional items retrace the background to TEC and discuss a number of positive case studies, which report on the following actual situations:
a) Hypoxic Patients - no alarm
b) Patient was blue
c) Retinopathy of prematurity
d) Machine or Sensor?

The final case study d) mentions that, because the Lightman can test sensors independently from the rest of the pulse oximeter equipment, it confirms that while the sensors were accurate, the rest of the system was no longer working properly.

An additional article titled "Patient Safety - A New Gold Standard" asserts that the Lightman system "has put a new benchmark of accuracy (in SpO2 sensor detection) that is within every sensor users reach".

For more information on the Electrode Company, visit: or for details of the Lightman microspectrometer, Telephone: +44 (0)1633 861772.