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Vircell S.L.

Vircell Starts its Activity in Antigen Detection

After long years of investigation, Vircell starts the production of ELISA kits for antigen detection.No doubt, this project has meant a large investment and many hours of hard work by a very
professional team of researchers until the technique has been perfected, obtaining excellent results. The use of monoclonal antibodies that Vircell efficiently produces in its own facilities, is the source
of the enormous sensitivity of these kits. Once again, Vircell shows its concern for respiratory infectious diseases and more specifically
on Legionnaires’ disease. The first launching in antigen detection will be an ELISA kit for the diagnosis
of Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1, LEGIONELLA 1 ANTIGENURIA ELISA (C1001). With this new reference, Vircell’s main contribution to the market is the use of monoclonal antibodies to LPS. Vircell has already proven its interest in Legionella by manufacturing 6 different products for its detection under several techniques. Still, with this new launching Vircell ratifies its position and becomes one of the few companies in the world with a similar product for antigen detection, and
the only one which employs monoclonal antibodies, in order to achieve the highest sensitivity and specificity.