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Various Kinds of Disposable Medical Products

As a professional exporter of disposable medical products for more than 12 years, Shanghai Neo-Medical Co.,Ltd.(old name: Shanghai Jiuhe Import & Export Co.,Ltd.) is good at meeting things what customers and markets exactly need. We offer not only certified quality products, but also have a passion for cooperation. From packing design to documentary, our service has no boundary.

Having close contacts with More than 50 factories who are our good partner in success and our source of confidence. The satisfaction from overseas customers is the encouragement and direction of our step. Besides traditional disposable medical products, such as dressing, syringes, various catheters, infusion set, suture, non-woven products, gloves, thermometers, lab products, blood lancets, clinical products, electrode, orthopedics’ products, gynecology inspection items as well small equipments like stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, microscope, scales, medicine cart, wheelchair and etc, We worked & had a lot of knowledge in different kinds of medical kits including pre-anesthesia tray, spinal tray, surgical kit, laceration tray, arthroscopy fluid collection pouch, catheterization tray, wound care kit, peri-anal kit, patient kit, welcome patient kit, PAP kit, first aid kit and etc, as well various kinds of drapes this year.

Most of items are certified with CE. All factories are with ISO certificate. Part of our items (Class I) has FDA registration No. All our works are aimed to meet with the customers’ requirements. We wish to use our expertise & knowledge about the in & out of the medical supply industry to help you source the right product as early as possible at reasonable price.

Any phone call, E-mail, fax from you would be a beginning of happy cooperation!

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