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Interacoustics A/S

VNG software from Interacoustics

Interacoustics has introduced its new version of the company’s software for the VO25 and VN15 VNG systems.

The new software features an improved eye-tracking algorithm, manual editing function of nystagmus marks together with normative data available for a number of tests.

A new editing function allows the examiner to add or erase nystagmus beats in the Spontaneous Nystagmus test, the Multi Condition test, the Smooth Pursuit test and the Caloric test. In addition, the Culmination Phase Area in the Caloric Test may be defined according to the examiner’s own preference.

Normative data is also available for the Saccade Test, the Caloric test as well as for the Smooth Pursuit test. The normative data enables the examiner to evaluate test results quickly and easily and compile the information in a professional report.