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Thought Technology

Underwater SEMG with AquaSense™

Thought Technology Ltd., a Canadian-based medical equipment manufacturer, has released a new product specifically geared for underwater surface electromyography (SEMG). Aquatic biofeedback is now possible with the use of AquaSense™. This easy-to-use SEMG add-on connects to any of Thought Technology’s SEMG sensors to adapt their use to the pool environment. It allows you to take advantage of the well-documented benefits of the water environment for your biofeedback-assisted therapy sessions. Aquatic biofeedback no longer needs to involve time consuming and difficult applications of a waterproof barrier; just use AquaSense™.

AquaSense™ is applied in seconds by first attaching the SEMG sensor as you normally would. Then slip the waterproof ‘leg/sock’ or ‘arm/glove’ over the limb, and evacuate the air using the integrated pump, thus creating the patented watertight vacuum seal. It fits snugly, yet comfortably during the session and can be immersed partially or totally in water.

AquaSense™ is made of rugged surgical grade latex with non-skid grips to help prevent slipping. The built-in pump also acts as a gauge showing that the vacuum is intact and is not leaking. AquaSense™ comes in a range of sizes for arms and legs.

For over a quarter of a century, Thought Technology Ltd. of Montreal, Canada has created highly sensitive, portable, and affordable biofeedback devices. Thought Technology Ltd. is the world’s leading manufacturer of biofeedback equipment.