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Hygea 1250

Cardiff based manufacturing company Ultrawave have just launched an all new ultrasonic cleaner, called the Hygea 1250, designed specifically for use in primary health care and laboratories. The twelve litre ultrasonic bath is the first in the market to offer full validation and locking lid as standard in compliance with HTM2030.

The unit is primarily designed to aid in the decontamination process of instruments and apparatus across a wide range of applications. Ultrasonic cleaners have the ability to clean even un-seen areas of instruments, because anywhere where water particles can form ultrasonic action will occur. This includes serrated edges and inside hinge joint on items such as surgical forceps. They are also suitable for cleaning glass items, such as test tubes and pipets, without causing damage to them.

The validation on the unit can be pre-programmed to include the name of the establishment and the names of the operators making each cycle easily traceable. Coupled with this unique function the printout will also record each stage of the cleaning process and log any failures throughout the process, should any occur. By doing this it allows the operator to guarantee the process is completed successfully without the need to be present for the duration of the cycle. The locking lid also means that the once a cycle is started it cannot be opened until the cleaning process has been completed. This ensures that the instruments have been cleaned for the required time in order to ensure complete decontamination.

The units also benefit from a new exterior design. The sleek new design is far more aesthetically pleasing than the old style stainless steel baths meaning it will now blend in well with the many modernised surgeries throughout the UK.

Ultrawave have also had a detergent specifically designed for use in these baths called SSD (single shot doing). Each sachet contains the correct dose for the Hygea unit. What differentiates the sachet is that it acts in a similar way to an everyday washing machine sachet. It is placed into the bath in its entirety and then as the water is added the polyvinylalchohol sachet dissolves and releases the detergent to form the cleaning solution. This means dosing is fast and exact each and every time the unit is refilled.