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Two become one: Multitalented Axiom Luminos dRF from Siemens

For many examinations using fluoroscopy systems, patients have to fast the night before. As a result, fluoroscopic examinations are often planned for the morning. The systems then remain unused for the rest of the day in private practices and hospitals. This is not the case with the new Axiom Luminos dRF: the system, introduced by Siemens Medical Solutions at the European Congress for Radiology (ECR) 2007 in Vienna, is also a fully digital radiography system which can be used around the clock. This provides enormous economic and practical advantages.

The Axiom Luminos dRF can both visualize dynamic processes in the body – for example swallowing in the esophagus – and produce static radiographs. Instead of a conventional image intensifier and cassette, the system works with a dynamic flat detector, which digitally acquires the image data for both fluoroscopic and radiographic acquisitions. This eliminates the steps involved in inserting and aligning the cassette, as well as the subsequent read out at a corresponding device. Axiom Luminos dRF eliminates these interruptions because the image is available immediately and electronically. This saves time both for personnel and patients, resulting in increased patient throughput.

Use of the flat detector provides many benefits: with an area of 43 x 43 centimeters, the flat detector offers almost 50 percent greater coverage than an image intensifier with a diameter of 40 centimeters. Increased coverage means fewer acquisitions are required to image the relevant anatomical region. In the case of an excretion urogram, for example, both kidneys, the ureter, and the bladder are acquired in a single image. The high resolution of the flat detector provides excellent image quality, as is necessary for spine acquisitions.

The flat detector, which is thin compared to the image intensifier, enables a compact unit design and a patient table as low as 48 centimeters above the floor. This makes it much easier for older patients and children to get on the table. In addition, during ankle acquisitions patients can remain in a chair or wheelchair and do not need to be repositioned on the table. And due to the open and compact system design, medical personnel have easy access to patients from all sides. The Axiom Luminos dRF can be equipped with the full spectrum of CARE applications (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure), which significantly reduces the dose. Axiom Luminos dRF is also provided with various DICOM services to enable the optimal connection of the fully-digital device in a hospital network.

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