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Tristel Wipes System

Tristel is launching its sporicidal wipes system into Europe at Medica 2005. The system comprises individually packaged Sporicidal Wipes, Pre-Clean Wipes and Rinse Wipes and is used to decontaminate nasendoscopes and ultrasound probes. The Wipes are suitable for use in hospitals, GP practices, dental practices and veterinary clinics.

Tristel Sporicidal Wipes have been widely adopted in the UK and are proving especially useful for the decontamination of ENT flexible endoscopes and ultrasound probes. The wipes incorporate Tristel’s patented chlorine dioxide technology and can kill all organisms on a pre-cleaned surface with a contact time of only 30 seconds.

Although primarily intended for use in conjunction with Tristel Sporicidal Wipes, the Pre-Clean and Rinse Wipes may be used alone and in other applications. When combined with the Tristel quality audit trail, a complete decontamination system with traceability is provided.
The Wipes system is particularly useful where a water supply or sink facilities are not available and automated washer-disinfectors are inaccessible.

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