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Bauerfeind AG

The world´s novelty in compression therapy. Well-being and care in one!

As first manufacturer, the Bauerfeind AG developed a medical compression stocking which is the first medical compression stocking that cares and protects the legs. For the new VenoTrain micro balance, Bauerfeind has enhanced its medically proven compression stocking VenoTrain micro. During the production, the fibres of the stocking are equipped with a highly-dosed care complex of precious oils and vitamin E. While wearing the stocking the substances are gradually released onto the skin. Each individual skin only extracts as much caring substances as it actually requires in order to regain its natural balance.

The skin care substances make the surface of the VenoTrain micro balance very smooth. The medical compression stocking moves easily over the skin and simultaneously reduces the pressure sensation on the leg. The nice softness of the material increases the wearing comfort among patients.

The results of a randomized clinical study carried out by Prof. Dr. Michael Jünger (University – Dermatology Clinic Greifswald) confirm the excellent compatibility of VenoTrain micro balance as well as the positive effects of the active ingredients on the skin.

The effect on the patients showed that VenoTrain micro balance improves the skin significantly already within a week. VenoTrain micro balance makes the skin smooth by keeping the skin moisture in balance and clearly reduces the itchiness.

As the substances are consumed over time they are simply "reloaded" by means of a special emulsion offered by Bauerfeind. The special pre-treatment of the stocking guarantees that the substances are able to adhere to the weave of the VenoTrain micro balance. For this reason, only VenoTrain micro balance is suitable for reloading.

For the worldwide first medical compression stocking with a caring substance, Bauerfeind uses only mild and caring substances which keeps the natural moisture level of the skin in balance. They provide care to your legs so that the skin stays smooth and gives protection against early aging of your skin.
With these versatile features, VenoTrain micro balance is more than just a compression stocking: Well-being and care in one.