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Thought Technology

The "suite" deal just got better

Thought Technology is proud to launch two new specialized Suites: EEG Suite and Physiology Suite. The Suites take full advantage of functions and features of the powerful BioGraph Infiniti 3.0 software platform. They provide complete control over your entire clinical process, including: assessment, training, reporting and demonstrating outcome. For each protocol, the Suites provide signal quality verification screens, multimedia feedback screens and quick report screens showing in-session trends & learning curves.

The EEG Suite contains 6 scripts and more than 100 screens (over 21 from expert clinicians) for 1 or 2-channel EEG on 1 or 2 monitors.

It comes with both standard protocols and a variety of template screens for user-defined protocols:

• Standard Bands: Alpha, Alpha peak frequency, Alpha-Theta, Low-high Beta, Beta-Theta, SMR-Theta, Wide-band inhibit, etc.

• 3 User Bands: 1 reward (up), 2 inhibits (down)

• 6 User Bands: 2 rewards (up), 4 inhibits (down)

• Multiple Bands: 1 reward, 9 inhibits

The EEG Suite also offers many advanced tools for assessment and follow-up:

• Pre/post-training baseline assessment scripts

• A 4-activity EEG assessment script with eyes-open, eyes-closed, and two tasks

• Cross-session trend reports to show your client’s progress

• A set of hybrid EEG and peripheral biofeedback screens

The Physiology Suite contains a complete set of standard biofeedback tools to get a total physiological perspective on your client’s sympathetic and parasympathetic processes, including: Temperature, Skin Conductance, Surface EMG, Respiration and Heart rate variability (HRV).

The Physiology suite contains more than 80 screens and over 14 scripts, and provides you with advanced tools for assessment and follow-up:

• Pre/post training baseline assessment scripts

• A 7 activity stress assessment script that takes your client through a sequence of stress/relax cycles and generates a report to rapidly identify hyper- or hypo-reactivity in each modality.

• Skin conductance relaxation exercise with audio guidance

• Training scripts (10 x 1 min trials)

The two Suites offer 17 new animations, 15 MP3 (music & ambiance), 20 MIDI songs and many other new multimedia feedback options:

• DVD (4 action control: shrink, zoom, pause & sound)

• Morphing animation sequences, 3 stage puzzles

• Nature sound audio tracks

• MIDI splitter

The finest software in the Biofeedback / Neurofeedback field just took an important Clinical step forward.