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The discovery of the Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP) – specific to every human being

Graph: Comparision: Nutritional value + waste from 100% protein from different sources(MAP: 99% NNU)

Every organism has its own special pattern of amino acids

Over 31 years of research, Prof. Dr. Lucà-Moretti has discovered that all living organisms (including humans) have their own very specific amino acid pattern – known as the ‘master pattern’ – used to attain maximum protein synthesis. To synthesise protein in the body (i.e. for amino acids to be used as building blocks for cell metabolism), all 8 essential amino acids must be present at the same time and exactly in accordance with the organism’s specific amino acid pattern.

Only when all 8 essential amino acids are available at the same time and in the correct ratio to one another can the body use them to repair and build cells. It cannot form any body protein in any other case. The amino acids are then broken down (a process known as catabolism), producing toxic nitrogen waste, which must be eliminated through the excretory organs (liver, kidneys). However, they also produce energy in the form of glucose, which diabetics or people who must follow a low-carb diet, for example, can avoid by taking MAP ®.
The more the ratio of the 8 essential amino acids deviates from the optimum pattern, the lower the protein nutrient value i.e. the net nitrogen utilisation (NNU) of a protein food source. Accordingly, the proportion of nitrogen waste is higher. The proportional ratio between protein nutrient content (NNU) and energy or rather nitrogen waste based on proportion of the 8 essential amino acids is shown in the chart below.

MAP ® is a revolution in protein nutrition. At the International Nutrition Research Center (INRC) in Florida, Prof. Dr. Lucà-Moretti has reproduced this Master Amino Acid Pattern. Today it is used as amino acid combination MAP®, as a pure food for nutritional purposes or to boost diet. With a net nitrogen utilisation of 99%, it provides the highest protein nutritional value in the world. In other words: 99% of amino acids are used for synthesising and supplying the body with protein. Consequently, only 1% of amino acids are catabolised to form nitrogen waste.

MAP ® provides the optimum amino acid pattern for human beings. It provides the highest protein nutritional value and the smallest amount of toxic nitrogen waste. MAP ® contains almost zero calories and is available to the body after just 23 minutes.

MAP ® is therefore also particularly suitable for medical purposes, particularly for illnesses relating to a protein deficiency. As a unique food protein, it can break the vicious circle of requiring higher levels of protein and therefore creating increased nitrogen waste at the same time (in terms of glucose formation). As it can be absorbed without the aid of digestive products, even those suffering from stomach/bowel problems may benefit from it – even those who have had their stomach removed. Due to its high anabolic utilisation and small proportion of nitrogen waste products, it is very good for the following (however, always best when combined with exercise):

• Protein supply and supplement for people who have a particular physiological condition, such as elderly people, pregnant and breastfeeding women, adolescents
• Sporting or any other physical stress
• Stress and emotional burdens
• Vegetarian or vegan lifestyles
• Weight loss, avoiding the yo-yo effect
• Special dietary programmes, e.g. ketogenic diet
• A supplement in cases of intolerance or restricted absorption and utilisation of food protein
• Protein deficiency due to various reasons in accordance with a doctor or medical practitioner
• Building up lean body and tissue substances

When talking about the building and repair of lean body and tissue substances, we do not only mean muscles, but also skin and connective tissue, organs, the immune system, messenger substances and metabolic aids. MAP ® is an excellent provision for health, anti-aging and sustainable performance.

MAP ® - this patented amino acid formula for protein nutrition is a pure foodstuff. Its secret is in the unique and precisely balanced amino acid formula created in accordance with the specific human pattern.

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