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The best EMG just got better

The best EMG just got better. MyoTrac™ EMG now has a 60 second delayed alarm, which acts as a reminder to take muscle micro-breaks. Based upon extensive research, this feature was added at the request of Dr. Erik Peper. Relaxing muscles for a second or so below an appropriate threshold level, at least every 60 seconds, is the key to relieving chronic muscle fatigue. Dr. Peper’s program at San Francisco State University received the 2004 Governors Safety Award, from Arnold Schwarzenegger, for both preventing repetitive strain injuries at the computer and for lowering costs. Dr.Peper's book Healthy Computing with Muscle Biofeedback is the perfect complement to this important ergonomic tool.

The MyoTrac™ electromyogram, from Thought Technology, is a highly sensitive, portable and affordable monitoring and biofeedback device, with the accuracy essential for the clinic, yet ideal for in-home use by the patient. It includes active sensors at the muscle site to eliminate movement artifact and monitors signals up to 2000 µV in 3 ranges. MyoTrac™ includes: 8 feedback sound options, a 13 segment bargraph, wide and narrow band passes, above and below threshold feedback, 4 or 60 second delayed alarms and 0-2 volt output to connect to computers.

MyoTrac is in widespread use by physical therapists and clinicians for the treatment of a wide range of sEMG muscle rehabilitation.