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The Mobile Care Unit Diagnostic System

Mobile Care Unit diagnostic system

Founded in 1993, TMA Medical located in Austria is expanding the business of the “Mobile Care Unit System (MCU)”.

Designed for stationary or portable use, the Mobile Care Unit is a unique stand-alone multi-devices diagnostic system operated and controlled by a tablet-PC specifically configured.

The Mobile Care Unit introduces the first interoperable PC based platform enabling the interface of bio signal sensors from different source origin, and although creating a homogeneous electronic medical record that can be reviewed and transported anywhere.

The Mobile Care Unit is also a breakthrough in telemedicine and ehealth, representing Personal Call Center with user-friendly remote functionalities; all users of MCU systems can communicate each other and exchange clinical data – send and receive - on a secure environment.

Installed on personal computer which becomes a Receiving/Sending Station, the MCU Software enables a remote diagnostic in real time operation and a second opinion specialist diagnostic.

What is new within the Mobile Care Unit?

The MCU Software manages all devices and assures the following functions:

• Guidance to the (user) doctor, easy interaction based on touch screen and help.

• Acquisition of sensor signals, signal shaping, noise filtering, artefact elimination, storage for evaluation.

• Evaluation of signal cycles (e.g. heart pulse, ,SPO2, respiration loop).

• Evaluation of personal data limits, assistance to interpretation of Lung Function, ECG examinations.

• Receiving and transmission functionalities of the data.

• User-Friendly PC based devices with the MCU Tablet PC.

• Calibration facilities for medical sensors.

Benefits of the Mobile Care Unit:

• Portable diagnostic platform

• Fully controlled with an user-friendly Tablet-PC

• Touch Screen commands of all examination

• Open environment to most diagnostic devices in the market

• Customizable platform to Client requests

• Data security – closed system

• Remote Access – Export / Import data functionalities

• Remote Access Service – Remote training / support/ update.

• Closed system – no miss use, no uncontrolled HW and SW changes possible.

Examination possible configurable and available on the Mobile Care Unit:

• 12 Lead ECG / ECG Electrodes Belt – high end ECG with interpretation and measurements.

• Non Invasive Blood Pressure.

• Pulse Oximetry (SPO2) - Oxymeter and Sensor in one.

• Spirometer – ATS Standard.

• Screening Audiometer.

• Blood test monitor: total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, and ketones.

• X-Ray images viewer.

• Digital images library – picture capture functionality (from a Digital Camera or USB sticker in option.

• Urine analysis – 11 tests (Bilirubine / Ketones/ Glucose/ Blood/ Nitrite/ Density/ Urobilinogen/ Ascorbic Acid/ Protein/ pH Value/ Leucocytes).

• Automated Haematology – System.

All medical devices are PC based and comply with the clinical standard and CE regulations.

Fields of application and operation:

Suitable Medical Check-up centres, Homecare, Hospitals and GP network, Private Call Centre, Occupational Medicine, Rural Centre, Army facilities, Retired Home, Specialists such as cardiologist….

Existing already is several configurations; the Mobile Care Unit can be customized for B2B, OEM or specific client or project requests.

TMA Medical is currently offering the opportunity to join now to the fast-expansion of the Mobile Care Unit diagnostic system worldwide: looking for Distributors, Partners or Investors ...

For further information:

Contact person:

Patrick Sellem - Business & Development

After a successful market penetration, TMA Medical is currently looking for Distributors, Partners or Investors to expand the Mobile Care Unit introduction worldwide.