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My Chung, former group President and Executive Director of Spirent Communications, has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Circadiant Systems, Inc., an optoelectronics company headquartered in Pennsylvania, U.S. My Chung is a veteran in the telecommunications test industry and he played a pivotal role to mould Spirent as a top-tier communications test equipment player. Prior to Spirent, he had worked in the marketing and sales team of TTC (now Acterna, LLC.) and Hewlett-Packard (HP) (now Agilent Technologies, Inc.). He will be replacing John French who is also the cofounder of Circadiant, and will be working with Chung as executive vice president. To quote John French, "I look forward to working closely with My. We decided to bolster Circadiant's executive team at this time due to the growth in demand for real-world optical test equipment. My has an exceptional track record of growing companies and a strong command over the communications test equipment market." Industry Analyst and communications test sector leader Jessy Cavazos spoke to My Chung and Paul Fitzgerald of Circadiant Systems. My spoke in length about future plans for Circadiant, new products being introduced, and the relationship with Spirent. This article highlights the key points in the discussion.

Excerpts from the Interview with My Chung

The first and foremost question that comes to everyone's mind is why this sudden change from Spirent to Circadiant. According to My, it is really because of the opportunities that Circadiant offers especially in the 10 Gigabit Ethernet side. Circadiant's strength lies with the stressed eye receiver component that the company has developed, which is in conformance with the IEEE802.3ae standard for Gigabit Ethernet. Circadiant has the largest market share in the optical stressed receiver test market according to Frost & Sullivan. My also strongly feels that Circadiant has huge plans for the Gigabit Ethernet test equipment market standard and that Circadiant offers huge opportunities for him moving forward. The next question is plans of My for Circadiant. My felt the need of the hour was to build the operation and take the strategy to the next level. The next level is to build on the already existing position and grow significantly during the coming years. Further into the discussion My spoke about growth opportunities for Circadiant and its products. North America has huge prospects and 10 Gigabit Ethernet has seen huge opportunities in Asia Pacific as well.

Spirent Communications is a relatively large organization and moving to Circadiant Systems means new and different challenges for My Chung. My seemed optimistic about the change and spoke about the two companies. He feels that there will not be any major problems in this transition. He also feels that he will be facing the same kind of challenges that he faced in Spirent. Building the organizational structure and increasing the size of the manufacturing operations to produce almost twice the quantity as last year are a few challenges that he faced with Spirent, and moving forward he expects to see the same with Circadiant, as well. The obvious question on everyone's mind is whether after this change Circadiant will team up with Spirent. My ruled out the possibility of his former relationship with Spirent having any connection to any alliances in the future. He also did not rule out this possibility and moving forward, if need arises, then this will be contemplated upon.


It is possible that moving forward, new and innovative products are in the pipeline for Circadiant Systems. From the interview and press releases, it is quite evident that both My Chung and Circadiant Systems are optimistic about this appointment and feel that it is a positive step in Circadiant's growth to become a top participant in the communications test equipment market, especially in the Gigabit Ethernet arena.

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