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Technology: Solutions to Celebrate Life


All over the world, Brazil is recognized as a country of cheerful, creative people, who are well with life. Brazilian excellence on the soccer field with its ever-smiling players, in addition to the grandiosity of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro probably helps to explain the formation of their positive international image. In fact, Brazilians are a happy people who know how to have fun and celebrate life daily, whether in folk celebrations, at the workplace or on the soccer fields. However, Brazil is obviously much more than this.

The world’s 15th largest economy, Brazil has a vocation to transform its own future into one of the greatest societies in the modern world. Nowadays, the capacity to innovate, a trait of the Brazilian people, has contributed to the generation of new technologies that have helped to improve quality of living all over the plant.

There are many examples over our history that demonstrate the multiple talents of the Brazilian people, whether in the cultural, sports, science or business areas. In the field of technological innovation, for example, names like Santos Dumont appear, recognized worldwide as the father of aviation or like Carlos Chagas, one of the world’s greatest scientists, responsible for the discovery of Chagas’ disease, its transmission vectors and possibilities of treatment.It is exactly with the purpose of showing the world a little of this varied gamma of achievements of the Brazilian people that we peresent for the 5ºtime at MEDICA FAIR, with 44 industries.

Thanks to these technological advances, Brazilian industry is not only collaborating to solve its domestic problems in Brazilian public health. It also serves as an example by offering the world new possibilities of better living. After all, a country that is internationally recognized for its creativity, entrepreneurship and, mainly, for its cheerful spirit has much to offer to people who, like ours, will overcome any hardship to celebrate life !