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MLR System GmbH für Materialfluss- und Logistiksysteme

Taskforce - Automated Transports in Hospitals

For the first time the MLR company presents at its booth E41 in hall 16 the new generation of automated guided vehicles (AGV) for automated transports of supplies and equipment in hospitals.
The underride tractors are based on MLR's CAESAR range of AGVs, radically modified and optimized for their task to transport containers in hospitals. These AGVs are built entirely of stainless steel. All cover panels and the lift unit are completely sealed (IP54). This means the vehicles can be disinfected using hot steam jets from all sides – even underneath – in compliance with increasingly rigorous hygiene standards. During cleaning, AGV surfaces must withstand temperatures of up to 85 °C. The AC drive systems are fully encapsulated to keep noise levels down. The drive technology is engineered to allow the AGVs to move forwards and backwards equally fast (maximum speed 1.7 m/s). Safety in both directions is ensured by laser scanners at the front and rear of each vehicle.
As a result of the tremendous transport tasks in hospitals where food, medication, laundry, sterile items, medical equipment, waste and a great many more must reach their destination on time and reliably this technology gains increasingly interest.
The first installation of the new vehicles in the Nye Ahus Hospital near Oslo, Norway will be completed by early 2008.