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Scandinavian Health Ltd.

Tao Pen Revolutionises Needless Free Acupuncture

Exciting new Danish technology the Tao pen, is an effective method of pain relief targeting and stimulating acupuncture points without the use of needles, thereby releasing the body’s natural painkillers.

Using this lightweight sophisticated device, anyone can treat themselves for the symptoms of headaches, nausea, sinusitis or shoulder pain in an entirely natural way.

The Tao pen stimulates the acupuncture points by emitting a mild, painless current, shifting between 2 Hz and 100 Hz pulses. The Tao pen constantly measures the resistance of the skin to locate the pressure points, at which the resistance is low. The Tao reacts with a pulsating beeping sound.

Tao, a Danish invention manufactured by SHL, was launched into the Danish market at the beginning of 2005. Medica 2005 will be an opportunity to make contact with distributors throughout Europe. Visit Scandinavian Health Ltd booth for demonstrations and product information or visit www.mibitech.com or www.shl-group.net.