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Taumediplast S.r.l.

TAUMEDIPLAST’ s new catalogue and latest products

TAUMEDIPLAST s.r.l., Italian manufacturer of first aid, emergency, rescue and safety products, is going to distribute its latest catalogue, composed of 160 pages, at MEDICA 2006 (booth no. 5A14).
This catalogue issue aims at being a quick and direct guide for our worldwide distributors. It is subdivided into 12 different colour coded goods sections with own index. Every page is generally dedicated to a single product. Moreover, products descriptions are detailed and four colour images are enlarged as much as possible.
This catalogue is the fruit of a constant and consolidated company development, a fruit that may be picked by our distributors who, being faithful to our company and its products, have been growing with us over the years.
16 latest products appear in this catalogue:
1. PROMOKIT, the first aid kit to be used as promotional gift,
2. EC 150, the first aid kit for medical rooms in an economical plastic case,
3. DL 150, the first aid kit for medical rooms in a de luxe plastic case,
4. USTIOFARMA, the burns treatment kit,
5. AMRE, a range of lightweight, watertight and unbreakable plastic cases,
6. EXTREME, the economical ABS box for large first aid kits,
7. UNI-ONE, the polyproplene box for small first aid kits,
8. TMP 70, the heavy duty, sturdy, aluminium case,
9. THUNDER, rucksack and bag at the same time,
10. FLASH, small rucksack,
11. STRETCH-O-SPLINT ECONOMY, economical scoop stretcher,
12. J-SPLINTS, the set of five flexible blue splints,
13. TULIP CAP, to carry oxygen bollte and protect their valve,
14. SPRAY PLASTER, 90 ml spray bottle of skin friendly, elastic and resistant medical device (class IIa),
15. TIPCAP, latex free finger cot,
16. UNI FINGER, blue plastic finger cover.

The new business year is approaching and 2007 shall be a fruitful and prosperous year for all distributors of ours, who will be using this amazing catalogue in order to promote and support the sales of our products.