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Supplementary air – “cold” reception for new standard

Many people in Germany have already seen the benefits for themselves and have known for some time that Hennef-based company natural energy solutions AG has set completely new standards in complementary medicine by developing their innovative supplementary air therapy. In recent years news of the technology has travelled far beyond Germany’s own frontiers. Nowadays energy-rich air from Hennef is available in some 40 countries across the globe and recently even reached as far as the Arctic - Greenland to be precise. For those of those not quite so keen on travelling such long distances, it’s good to know that this top-up energy is also available nearer home from a great many suppliers operating in the healthcare, medical wellness and fitness sectors.

Users will find themselves in good company, for a number of well-known figures are already keen users of the therapy. These include specialist in internal medicine Dr. Wolfgang Grebe, sports scientist Dr. Elmar Wienecke, leading physiotherapist Balbir Singh and social policy and healthcare politicians Norbert Blüm and Rudolf Dressler. Dr. Wienecke, for example, looks after athletes at the Institut SALUTO in Halle, Westphalia and those under his care include the German national handball team. Initial results from a pilot study which he carried out confirm the positive effects that air technology can have when used before undertaking physical exercise. Lactate values in particular (a key indicator of endurance) were up to 20% lower compared with not inhaling AIRNERGY prior to exertion.

For some 10 years Balbir Singh was responsible for the physical and mental wellbeing of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher. While Dr. Grebe, member of the board of the International Society of Prevention, argues for a “move away from repair-based medicine … towards primary preventive care, in the sense of not letting illness occur in the first place”.

Both Dressler and Blüm speak from experience. Rudolf Dressler, a diabetic and one of Germany’s leading political authorities on social policy and healthcare, is only too aware of his own physical limitations. His assessment of supplementary air therapy: “I notice that the body develops its own energy more strongly.” He describes the effects as “simply amazing“. Norbert Blüm, long an adversary of Dressler’s as both politician and minister, is also highly enthusiastic about this German-made technology. “I feel in better shape both physically and mentally and generally reinvigorated. I regularly breathe the air … in fact I couldn’t imagine life without it now.”

Acting in a similar way to the dietary supplements recommended by nutrition experts everywhere, supplementary air therapy helps combat scientifically proven deficiencies. The difference is that AIRNERGY is the only form of therapy of this type that has been shown to be capable of promoting oxygen utilisation in cells. It is this very capability which often deserts us as we grow older or become exposed to illness and stress. Yet because health and performance are linked so much to the body’s ability to utilise the oxygen that is readily available in respiratory air, the importance of supplementary air cannot be overstated as a basic therapy for the whole body.

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