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Super Bowls Lead to Super Appetites

Mini bowls served to the upcoming
Super Bowl helps reducing calories
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Researchers at the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab invited forty graduate students to a Super Bowl party and served them roasted nuts and Chex Mix from one of two buffet tables. One table had two big bowls of the snacks. The other had the same amount and type of snacks split into four small bowls.

The amount of food eaten by each person was carefully recorded by the research team. They found that people who served themselves from the large bowls ate 56% more than those who used the smaller serving bowls. As a consequence, eating from the bigger bowls meant eating an extra 142 calories, the scientists stated.

"The size of serving bowls provide a subtle cue of how much we should eat," says Brian Wansink, lead researcher and Professor of Marketing at Cornell University. "A handful of Chex Mix from a large bowl doesn't seem like enough, but one from a medium bowl seems just about right." On the other hand, that effect may be used for healthy foods like carrots or bell pepper strips for dipping: The use of big bowls might encourage friends and family members to eat more of that.; Source: Cornell University