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BCS Biotech S.p.A.

Stepping into the future

Scrapie Genotyping Test: a genetic test for detection of scrapie susceptibility and resistance genotypes. On the spot data analysis is quick and easy and is supported by specific software.

External quality control in molecular diagnostics
The company has developed a unique methodology for the evaluation, control and certification of the quality standards of laboratories, both for analysis and products. The BCS External Quality Control Programme is the only external quality control service available for molecular diagnostics in the world. The programme was developed with the support of the European Union, the University of Cagliari and the University of Chieti.

Recently developed microchip technology makes it possible to simultaneously detect multiple pathogens on a single chip. Detection panels embrace the major respiratory viruses (including SARS, influenza etc.); enteroviruses and genotyping of enteroviruses; 9 major food-borne pathogens and 7 milk pathogens (for early detection of mastitis). A detection panel for Human Papilloma virus screening (HPV high, medium and low risk types) will soon be available.

Cell Respository: a unique service in Europe.
BCS collects and preserves samples of DNA, starting from a simple blood sample through the following process:
Establishment and cryopreservation of lymphoblastoid cell lines
Isolation and cryopreservation of buffy coat
Extraction of high molecular weight DNA
Storage of private collections of DNA and/or cell lines at -80° in liquid nitrogen
Quality control of cell cultures and/or DNA