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Kencap Ltd.

Spread in Space


Kencap will give its customers and visitors an opportunity to make history and be in space.
Visitors can send their digital information to outer space as part of the beinspace project.
The Beinspace project will disperse human genes and memes throughout outer space, to other galaxies, thereby giving them much longer life spans than they have here on earth.
We collect any kind of digital information, any kind of Meme, such as books, Blogs, ideas, viruses, images, videos, animations, songs, web pages, personal space…
We also collect Genes (DNA), users recive a simple kit for colecting the DNA and they send it back for separating the DNA from the cell and we send it to outer space.

Outer space is far less dense than earth, and the temperature reaches minus 270 Celsius degree -- a temperature which ensures the physical survival of human Genes and Memes. Someday, somehow, life on earth will likely come to an end, due to wars, famine, floods, the sun expanding to a red giant ball, etc. Sending your Memes and Genes beyond earth can help start life on a distant planet somewhere, sometime.

How far do we want to send the information? Very Far!! The capsule, in the first stage of the space voyage, will travel 36,000,000 m out of the atmosphere, and from there, it will continue through space, leaving the solar system on a permanent celestial journey. Who knows where you will be 2 billion years from now?