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SpeechMagic to Be Implemented in Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust

Philips SpeechMagic to be implemented in Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust

Vienna, Austria - Royal Philips Electronics (AEX: PHI, NYSE: PHG) has announced that Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust, geographically one of the largest trusts in the United Kingdom, will be implementing SpeechMagic. As an integral part of SpeechReport, the digital dictation application from G2 Speech, SpeechMagic is expected to be rolled-out trust-wide to more than 1,500 users in nine locations.

"At this moment we use traditional analog dictation and transcription which is very time consuming," said Martin Wilson, Acting General Manager, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust. "Therefore we were looking for a solution to speed up medical reporting. After the OJEC Tender process we decided that SpeechReport with SpeechMagic is best suited to fulfill our requirements and will help us reduce turnaround time and transcription backlogs resulting in positive effects on our cost structure."

SpeechReport powered by SpeechMagic will be rolled-out hospital-wide to nine locations, including the North Tyneside General Hospital and the Wansbeck General Hospital, where SpeechMagic will be handling reports from all medical areas.

After having reached market-shares of 50 to 80% in many countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain, SpeechMagic has now also established itself at the forefront of the UK's medical speech recognition market. Rob Thornton, commercial director for Philips Speech Recognition Systems explains: "Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust will become the largest medical speech recognition site in the United Kingdom. By choosing SpeechMagic the trust will benefit from a proven technology, which is deployed in more than 7000 sites worldwide. This includes the world's largest speech recognition implementation in the US, where more than 15,000 physicians transcribe their dictations through the MedQuist platform, which is powered by SpeechMagic."

Philips Speech Recognition Systems provides SpeechMagic exclusively to professional users, allowing companies to develop highly advanced features for use-cases such as the Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust. SpeechMagic is a network-based technology, which supports client/server architecture and can be used hospital-wide for all medical specialties. "Enabling the implementation of both, front- and back-end workflows, allowing for a dictation volume of up to 1000 hours and 4000 users a day and constantly improving recognition accuracy through automatic learning, SpeechMagic has taken industrial-grade speech recognition from the realms of science-fiction into reality," continued Thornton.

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