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The Electrode Co., Ltd

SpO2 Sensor Survey Indicates Unacceptable Accuracy

The Electrode Company Ltd specialises in non-invasive monitoring, optical sensors and high performance pulse oximetry. One of its key products, the Lightman® Sp02 microspectrometer, was designed to make pulse oximeter sensor testing quick, simple, reliable and accurate. As a result, it is set to be in considerable demand because of the findings of recent Sp02 sensor surveys.

One recent survey of over 800 Sp02 sensors in use by 10 leading UK hospitals reveals that 35% of sensors tested were outside acceptable limits, and therefore represented a clinical risk to patients.

This means that either insufficient or excess oxygen can be delivered to the patient. Ramifications can be very serious and, for example, over 2000 premature babies every year in the USA, and more in Europe are visually impaired, a major cause of which is too much oxygen.

Until now, checking an Sp02 sensor has necessitated removal from the ward or ICU for testing in a laboratory, taking often a number of days. Now, the Lightman self-calibrating micro-spectrometer can enable evaluation on site, minimising the time lost.

The Lightman is a unique, portable, compact and hand-held device, which is easily operated by non-technicians and designed to be rapid and accurate. It will be reassuring in use and help reduce the number of patients put at risk daily from faulty Sp02 sensors, which often go unnoticed.

The Electrode Company Ltd: Ensuring accurate data for better clinical decisions.

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