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Soniclean Pty. Ltd.

Soniclean Wins Hong Kong Import/Export Award

Soniclean was presented the Hong Kong Import/Export award at the South Australian section of the HKABA Annual Dinner on the 18th August 2006

Soniclean is selling its Ultrasonic Cleaners to the higher end of the Health Market in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

These products include:

Ultrasonic Irrigator Machines

The Ultrasonic Irrigators were specifically designed by Soniclean to meet the needs of Hospitals requiring an efficient way to clean cannulated (Hollow) instruments used in modern day key hole surgery.

Prior to the advent of these machines the staff in the Centralised Sterilisation Service Department (CSSD) had to clean cannulated surgical instruments using pull through brushes and those hospitals still without irrigators still do.

The Soniclean irrigator machine is fully automatic whereby the operator just plugs the instruments into a manifold within the machine and set the cleaning cycle on the machine key pad.

Upon the completion of the cleaning operation the records for that particular clean are stored in the machines memory and can be downloaded via an internet connection and or printed out directly to the machines printer.

Ultrasonic Bench Top Machines

The Ultrasonic Bench Top cleaning machines are used for wide variety of cleaning applications. The sealed concept of the Soniclean bench top machines are decades ahead of their time.

The concept is based on the naturally harsh environment where these machines are used, typically a wet, moisture and often chemically laden air surrounding, incompatible to high voltage operation and sensitive electronics circuits.

Soniclean is ISO 9001:2000 accredited and the bench top ultrasonic cleaners follow a predetermined set of production procedures with regular review and improvements.

The Bench Top and Irrigator machines are CE compliant and listed with TGA (Therapeutic Goods Australia).

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