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Soniclean Pty Ltd

Soniclean Wins Export Award

Soniclean wins Export award from the Australia British Chamber of Commerce for "The Most Successful High Technology Exporter" (which includes the fields of aviation and defence)

Adelaide-based Soniclean, Australia’s leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality ultrasonic cleaners, has launched its Ultrasonic Cleaning products into the UK and European markets.

The owners, Managing Director, Julian Smith and Co Directors husband and wife team, Susan and Wah Tong Lee, are in the process of expanding their business by increasing export sales to the UK and the EC (European Community).

Ultrasonic cleaning involves using transducers to create sound waves that in turn, create cavitation bubbles in water, assisted by the addition of detergent. The bubbles implode and send a ‘jet’ through the bubble, ‘acting like a jackhammer’, Julian explained.

Soniclean will be showcasing their products later this year in November at the Worlds largest Medical Exhibition (MEDICA) in Düsseldorf Germany.

‘Julian said we plan to talk to potential distributors from UK and the EC to sell our products into the European market.

Julian Smith can be contacted on (08) 8234 8398.