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Soniclean Pty. Ltd.

Soniclean Wins British Award


Soniclean won the 2006 Australia / British Chamber of Commerce Award for being “The Most Successful High Technology Exporter” for 2006

We submitted our Irrigator Product with the Machine Reporting System as our entry:

The Ultrasonic Irrigators were specifically designed by Soniclean to meet the needs of Hospitals requiring an efficient way to clean cannulated (Hollow) instruments used in modern day key hole surgery.

Prior to the advent of these machines the staff in the Centralised Sterilisation Service Department (CSSD) had to clean cannulated surgical instruments using pull through brushes and those hospitals still without irrigators still do.

The Soniclean irrigator machine is fully automatic whereby the operator just plugs the instruments into a manifold within the machine and set the cleaning cycle on the machine key pad.

Upon the completion of the cleaning operation the records for that particular clean are stored in the machines memory and can be downloaded via an internet connection and or printed out directly to the machines printer.

This provides traceability for the hospital to be able to track which instruments were cleaned by which operator and to confirm that the machine performed to specification.

This facility also provides the capability to observe the performance of the machine via the internet from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

This is a valuable tool when servicing a machine to be able to diagnose the machine performance parameters via the “Machine Reporting System” (MRS) without having to physically attend the machine.