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Soniclean Launches US Cleaner with Machine Reporting System

Soniclean’s Innovative Irrigated Ultrasonic Cleaner with Machine Reporting System (MRS) enables the hospitals to record vital information of the cleaning process for instruments used on a patient, back to the instrument cleaning and sterilization
Cannulated instruments are
difficult and time consuming to clean.
Using a Soniclean Irrigator is the ideal way to reduce the risk of infection and the time your staff takes to manually
clean. The irrigator cleans and decontaminates all types of hollow instruments prior to sterilization.
Ultrasonics have been shown to be much more effective than manual cleaning. It is common knowledge that surgical instruments must be clean of
debris before sterilization can be effective.
Soniclean’s Ultrasonic Irrigators use Soniclean’s unique patented Pulse Swept Power technology to critically
clean with superior penetration,precision and reliability.
This technology uses pulsed ultrasonics to ensure powerful, reliable, uniform
cleaning of internal lumens and fine parts without the risk of damage to delicate instruments. The pulsed
irrigation of clean fresh ultrasonically charged fluid produces maximum turbulence for cleaning the inner lumen. This combination of pulsed
ultrasonic cleaning and pulsed flushing of the lumened instrument with clean fresh fluid means your instruments are cleaned faster and more thoroughly.An instrument cannot be completely clean if it is flushed with recycled fluid as is the case with some other products on the market.
Soniclean’s MRS logs each clean process internally; data is gathered and processed electronically during the
clean process. Here are just a few of the many excellent advantages of Soniclean’s MRS: Data is easy to file away as it is stored in computer file
format; Data can be optionally printed out, the MRS does not insist on printed reports so it is also environmentally
friendly on resources; The MRS can be accessed by either a PC connected directly to the cleaner or the cleaner can be permanently connected to a
Local Area Network (LAN) and
accessed by any networked client PC’s; Provides a method of validating the machine against the original Soniclean validation Certificate carried
out at the factory.

Please contact Soniclean for more information on MRS.