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Soniclean Pty. Ltd.

Soniclean Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

Soniclean is Australia's leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality ultrasonic cleaners and equipment world-wide. Soniclean ultrasonic cleaners incorporate unique, innovative and patented "Pulse Swept Power" technology. Soniclean ultrasonic cleaners are faster, safer, environmentally friendly and clean better than other conventional cleaning methods. Soniclean product range precision clean a multitude of items and are built with reference to the relevant International standards including ISO 9001:2000. Soniclean has achieved CE compliance for its products and has established a UK Authorised Representative in Milton Keynes in the UK. Soniclean currently exports 50% of its products to the World Market. The UK and European markets is the present focus for the company and to meet the market demands Soniclean has established five distributors in England covering the Medical, Dental, Laboratory and Industrial Markets. Soniclean is looking to increase this network of distributors throughout all countries in the European Community. Our primary focus is the Medical and Hospital Market for our Irrigators, Bench Top machines and Pre Sterilisers used for cleaning surgical instruments. Contacts:
Julian Smith - Managing Director; Susan Lee - Marketing Director; Wah Tong Lee - Technical Director; Aaron Ng Sales and Export Manager;