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Soniclean Pty Ltd

Soniclean Exports to 37 Countries

Soniclean is a finalist in the South Australian Electronics Industry Associations Export Award.
Soniclean is Australia's leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality ultrasonic cleaners and equipment world-wide. Soniclean ultrasonic cleaners incorporate unique, innovative and patented "Pulse Swept Power" technology.
Soniclean ultrasonic cleaners are faster, safer, environmentally friendly and clean better than other conventional cleaning methods.
Soniclean product range precision clean a multitude of items and are built with reference to the relevant AS/NZ and International standards including ISO 9001:2000.

Soniclean currently exports from 30% to 50% of its products to the World market. The UK / European and Asian markets is the present focus for the company and to meet the market demands Soniclean has achieved CE compliance for its products and has established a European Authorised Representative in Milton Keynes in the UK.

In addition to the Authorised Representative Soniclean has established five distributors in England covering the Medical, Dental, Laboratory and Industrial Markets.

More recently Soniclean has aroused the interest of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in a product called Ultrasonic Vapour Degreaser (UVD) used for the critical cleaning of vital components used in oxygen delivery for Fighter Aircraft Pilots Breathing Systems for the RAAF.

Soniclean will be exhibiting at MEDICA in Düsseldorf Germany in November 2005 launching its Irrigator product used for cleaning laparoscopic surgical instruments used in key hole surgery.

Discussions are also advanced for eastern and central European distribution.

In addition Soniclean has established a company in Malaysia called Sonic Solutions Sdn Bhd to look after the company’s manufacturing and marketing activities in Asia.

More recently Soniclean has established a distributor in Beijing China to gain accreditation for Soniclean products and to sell them to the Northern Chinese market. Current plans are to establish two more distributors’ one in Shanghai and the other in Guangzhou to cover the Eastern and Southern parts of China.

Development of new Exports in the latest Financial Year (2004-2005)

In 2004-2005 Soniclean sold units to 29 countries of which 16 countries were new export markets from the previous year whereby we exported to 21 countries in 2003-2004.

In total Soniclean has exported to 37 different countries in the past two years.

New markets for 2004-2005 included:

Canada, China, Cyprus, Honduras, Iceland, Iran, Ireland, Nigeria, Poland, Solomon Islands, Spain, Syria, Taiwan, UAE, Vietnam.

We have commenced a Chinese Entry program using the UK model and following visits to Hong Kong and Mainland China Soniclean has established a representative in Beijing who will arrange the Medical accreditation (SFDA Registration) required for China and will sell our product to the Northern Chinese market.

Another representative in Shanghai to cover South Eastern China is close to signing up and a third in Guangzhou (Pearl River Delta) for Southern China.

In early 2005 we established a distributor in Hong Kong and soon after received a substantial order for 150 Ultrasonic Bench Top cleaners for the Hong Kong Dental Authority.