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Sonic vital 2 – schwa-medico´s latest sonographic technology

Sonic vital 2 – schwa-medico´s latest sonographic technology

Utrasound therapy: mobile, powerful, flexible

It is a lightweight appliance with power – the new Sonic vital 2 utrasound therapy device from schwa-medico. Practical in use, portable and space-saving it is ideal for physiotherapists, hospitals and home visits. The small allrounder integrates 60 programs for all suitable ultrasound indications and furthermore can be modified individually.

The new Sonic Vital 2 has been developed from schwa-medico in cooperation with doctors, scientists and physiotherapists. It can be connected to two ultrasound applicators: 1 MHz with a diameter of 4 cm2 for treatment in deep tissue, 3 MHz with a diameter of 1cm2 for treatment on skin surface. The different sizes and wavelengths of the applicators allow treatment of all skin areas - even very small ones, on which the ultrasound applications need to be precise with high power. The Sonic Vital 2 provides an automatic contact control, which ensures safe use. The treatment is easy to interrupt or to continue by taking the ultrasound head off the skin. The therapy time will stop automatically. The therapy with 3 W / cm2 in pulsed mode and 2 W / cm2 in continuous mode shows an excellent BNR-result and guarantees a maximum of therapeutical effect.

Easy and safe use

The Sonic Vital 2 provides 60 pre-selected programs. They provide all indications for which ultrasound is used. Beyond the integrated programs it is also possible to modify and store individual parameters in program mode. The control panel with rotating knob, from which all parameters can be selected, and six digital displays are designed clearly, at a glance the user sees the treatment time, the selected program mode, the ultrasound transfer in watt and the average intensity in watt/cm2. All in all the portable 2 channel ultrasound unit Sonic Vital 2 provides many options for daily treatment. The excellent cost effectiveness of this innovative schwa-medico device makes it to one of the best of its class.

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