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Simplifying the physician’s work: Innovative Siemens system provides new views

A new milestone on two levels: Siemens recently introduced the Axiom Artis dBA Twin biplanar radiography system, its latest imaging system for universal angiography and neuroradiology. Together with the new flat detector technology and syngo DynaCT software, the system delivers unique acquisitions thanks to its extremely high contrast and soft tissue differentiation.

The new Axiom Artis dBA Twin radiography system offers flexibility across the entire application spectrum, from neuroradiological and abdominal examinations, to pediatric applications requiring low dose. The unit is equipped with two 30 x 40 flat detectors. The modern biplanar flat detector technology delivers excellent detail resolution that supports physician decision-making in diagnostics and interventions. The biplanar system enables fast display of the anatomy in two planes, providing accurate work through simultaneous imaging. The system also supports the physician’s workflow through programmable detector positioning and intelligent collision protection.

Angiography and syngo DynaCT

With the optional syngo DynaCT, Axiom Artis dBA Twin achieves soft tissue differentiation comparable to computed tomography (CT) acquisitions. As a result, intracranial bleeding can be detected faster than ever before, and brain tissue can be displayed in greater detail than with conventional procedures. Using the latest version of syngo DynaCT, which was introduced for the first time at the RSNA (Radiological Society of North America), in critical situations physicians receive clinically-relevant results of the highest possible resolution within one minute, supporting therapy decision-making. In addition, this method is used to check therapeutic measures. The advantage: the patient is not subjected to an additional computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination.

Innovative applications for neuroradiology as well as for abdominal and oncological interventions have been created with this technology. Through the continuous development and enhancement of syngo DynaCT, Siemens again confirms its leadership role in the industry. Last month, Siemens celebrated its 100th US syngo DynaCT installation at the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, USA. This milestone attests not only to the popularity of this trendsetting technology, but also to its far-reaching implications for health care as a whole. To date, the application has been installed some 260 times worldwide.

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