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Sharpbag - A New Product by Haemopharm Healthcare

An innovative “mini-bag” system for the infusion of water-soluble drugs (antibiotics, antitumorals, etc.).
The system consists in a “mini-bag” (ml. 50-250) containing sterile apyrogenous water for injections or physiologic solution and having two tubes, to be connected respectively to the vial and to the infusion set.

-Connection and use in aseptic conditions “closed circuit”;
-Clear labeling: the vial remains in site all the time avoiding possible errors in drug administration;
-Total use of the drug: thanks to the peculiar design of the spike all the active principle contained as powder in the vial is solubilized and transferred into the bag;
-Elimination of the particles produced by the multiple perforation of the rubber caps;
-No needles or chemical agents are needed to connect the components.

-Compared to other systems it requires less time for mixing and transfer;
-It allows the use of all volumes of vials, even 100/250/500 ml.;
-Visible drug reconstitution.

- The drug preparation phase is simplified by eliminating the need for other supplies such as diluent ampoule, swab, needle and syringe;
-Saving of time for medical and paramedical staff;
- Least use of components and of connectors, no needles.

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