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Stabilus GmbH

Same Incline, Any Position

HYDRO-LIFT gas springs offer effortless, endless positioning options for foot sections of hospital beds. They provide unlimited adjustability of the foot section while maintaining the set angle of incline. The HYDRO-LIFT gas spring works without a release lever or control cables.

Adjustment of the foot section is easy, simply by applying a defined manual force. The gas spring absorbs the weight of the foot section, which can then be adjusted without effort. In the resting position, the HYDRO-LIFT gas spring holds the foot section firmly in position. Within certain limits, it even absorbs weight fluctuations due to load changes. And the integrated overload protection prevents improper use. This gas spring is geared towards ergonomics.

The HYDRO-LIFT gas spring is part of the LIFT-O-MAT product family, which mainly covers the functions of lifting, lowering, damping, and adjustment. Unlike mechanical springs, hydropneumatic gas springs can change their spring characteristics, thereby regulating the speed of motion of flaps and doors. Its freely definable end position damping also allows soft, quiet closing. Beyond these standard functions, STABILUS gives manufacturers the option to customize the gas springs individually to their design and function requirements.