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STERIS launches Hamo® Jupiter™ Large Chamber Washer/Disinfector

Mentor, Ohio (14 July, 2006) - STERIS Corporation today announced the launch of the Hamo Jupiter Large Chamber Washer/Disinfector. The Hamo Jupiter incorporates the latest technology which meets the most recent European and Global standards for washing/disinfecting.

With a longstanding reputation for product performance and service combined with innovative design in sterilisation and disinfection, the Hamo Jupiter is just one of many products that has been developed to meet the reprocessing needs of Sterile Services Departments worldwide.

The Hamo Jupiter has been developed to provide a high performance cleaning and drying system for containers, case carts, trolleys and other large items in the ever growing need for decontamination.

The Hamo Jupiter is available in single door or pass through versions and incorporates many standard features. Features include oscillating pipes with over 100 stainless steel spray nozzles, which help make the Hamo Jupiter the most robust unit available, increasing uptime and cleaning efficacy. The large round cabin corners in the Hamo Jupiter are less likely to cause biofilm build-up. The floor and ceiling of the unit are open to allow the wash sprays to be directed toward the floor and the ceiling, ensuring the whole unit is automatically cleaned during every cycle. The Hamo Jupiter has 5 standard and 60 user configurable washing and thermodisinfection programmes.

Lee Tolhurst, European Marketing Manager of STERIS Corporation said: “We are pleased to be able to offer the Hamo Jupiter which is at the cutting edge of a new and exciting market segment, that allows us to offer our customer a full portfolio of ENISO 15883 compliant washer disinfectors.”

The Hamo Jupiter provides excellence in productivity, reliability and quality, and a multitude of services, from project design management and industry leading technical service to expert process improvement consulting, training and clinical education programmes.