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Scandinavian Health Ltd.

SHL: Molding Excellence

SHL: Molding Excellence
SHL provides companies with a gateway to Asia-based high quality manufacturing

As Scandinavian Health Ltd. (SHL) continues along the path of rapid growth, this exciting company is quickly developing a worldwide reputation for molding excellence. Vast lines of Krauss-Maffei high-precision molding units work around-the-clock at SHL’s newest facility, Taoyuan One, located in Taiwan.

Founded by Swedish entrepreneur Roger Samuelsson in 1989, SHL currently consists of three distinct group companies: SHL Medical, SHL Technologies and SHL Pertinax. These group companies have established themselves as leaders in the development and manufacturing of high-end drug delivery devices, industrial & consumer products, and hospital & home health care equipment.

SHL has worked very closely with key suppliers such as DuPont. “Over the years DuPont and SHL have developed an excellent working relationship and we expect this relationship to continue well into the future”, noted President Roger Samuelsson. “Both SHL and DuPont stand for the same thing, unparalleled quality”, he continued. This working relationship has grown even stronger as SHL Medical has established itself as one of the top players in the ODM/OEM drug delivery device market.

SHL Medical has worked with renowned Pharma and Biotech firms such as Amgen, BD, Carmel, Schering-Plough and Pfizer to name a few. “Our collaboration with suppliers and partners has been an important contributor to our success with our customers”, according to General Manager Frank Isaksson. “Our customers are demanding, therefore maintaining the highest quality standards is absolutely vital to us as an ODM/OEM manufacturer” Now with modern and rapidly expanding manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China, R&D centers in Sweden, Taiwan and the U.S.A., and regional offices throughout Europe, North America, Australia and Asia, SHL is clearly poised to become a more dominant global player.

Mr. Samuelsson, President of SHL, said that he likes to remain involved in company’s day-to-day activities whenever possible and even conducts tours of the facilities himself when guests visit Taiwan. “I enjoy taking groups to look over our operations. And I am proud of what we have accomplished here. When potential customers tour our facilities, they are generally impressed by our vast in-house capabilities, our design skills and of course, the fact that we continue to work with world-class suppliers and partners” according to Mr. Samuelsson.

SHL’s previously mentioned capabilities include the design, development and manufacture of a broad range of “Auto-Injector” devices. Each device utilizes unique, innovative technical know-how that not only meets the needs of the manufacturer, but also of the patient. According to SHL, this type of device has the potential to enhance the market share of ODM/OEM clients. In addition, this device increases patient compliance by offering better ease-of-use, providing a less intimidating method of self-administration, and may even ultimately reduce the cost of the drug therapy. In Q3 and Q4 of 2005, SHL plans to launch at least three new OEM drug delivery devices for mass production.

This Auto-injector device works with the modern drug delivery concept of "pre-filled syringes". The advantage of pre-filled syringes is that they satisfy the global need for safe, convenient, cost-effective delivery options. At the core of the design of SHL’s Auto-injector, plastic components are used to form mechanical functions and motions, which are comparable to metal materials. Thus, a low cost, light weight, and compact device is achievable due to the reduction of unnecessary parts and mechanical structures.

In talking with the people from SHL it is clear that their entrepreneurial spirit and drive is unmistakable. Now with project management excellence, solid design capabilities, with combined high-tech manufacturing, SHL’s theme of “molding excellence” rings true as the organization consistently provides superior products which are affordable. Mr. Samuelsson closed our interview by stating, "SHL has positioned itself to become a gateway for North American and European companies to access manufacturing in Asia without sacrificing quality. We are excited about what the future holds in store for SHL as we expand our business and broaden our growing list of clients”