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Scandinavian Health Ltd.

SHL Manufacturer of Koala System Incubator

With MR imaging and diagnostics becoming the golden rule for examination of new born infants, Scandinavian Health is excited to be the new manufacturer of the advanced KOALA Incubator®. For examination facilities and for the surveillance during the examination there is need for a superior technology transport incubator. Koala Systems Incubator, based in Sweden, is fully compatible with MR-environment making it possible to, without interruption of removing the new born infant, perform top quality examinations.

This MR compatible transport incubator provides a safe and reliable environment for the new born infant ensuring a stable internal environment. The KOALA Incubator® is equipped with a double-wall construction and microprocessor sensors that control temperature, oxygen and humidity.

KOALA Systems company consists of physicians, engineers and medical physicists with leading skills in neonatal intensive care, magnetic resonance imaging, and fluid dynamics, working in a dynamic fast moving environment which Scandinavian Health is delighted to be partnered with. The KOALA incubator® will be on display at Scandinavian Health’s booth.

The KOALA Systems Incubator, currently under development, aims to become the leading mean of transportation for new born infants.