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Rossmax Customer-Oriented Value to Enhance Strengths

The foremost innovator of diagnostic products Rossmax today announced product line extension and will present the market plot at MEDICA Germany in November. The latest blood pressure monitors will appear at the show, as well as mini-ECG, SpO2 pulse oximeter, nebulizer and more, which expected will be delivered in 2007.
Rossmax introduces the latest blood pressure monitor, equipped with patented DK Technology to deliver clinical accuracy. It utilizes a special arm cuff with built-in microphone to measure as accurate as a doctor’s taking a reading. DK Technology integrates the convenience of Oscillometric Method and the expertise of clinically trusted Korotkoff Sound Method. “It is capable of measuring through conditions, such as arterial hardening and Parkison’s Disease, that standard Oscillometric monitors can not,” Edmondo Roark, Rossmax CCO said.
Rossmax standalone, patented calibration service for its blood pressure monitors and future home healthcare devices and products will be presented at MEDICA. All customers, purchasing Rossmax blood pressure monitor with calibration function can receive calibration service at its distribution networks, and then the unit can be ensured its accuracy and reliability. The new calibration device allows users to calibrate without having to open the unit but quickly, conveniently and effortlessly check and recalibrate their device. American Heart Association suggests all home blood pressure monitors must be appropriately validated and checked regularly for accuracy. European Norm, 1060-3 also recommends recalibration after 2 years.
Supersize Digit is another superior feature of Rossmax blood pressure monitor. Rossmax MO701 features 43 mm digitis, 115% larger than those of similar level by competitors. “52% of consumers want a larger digit size than what is currently available from our competitors. It is the third most important element consumers consider after accuracy/consistency and ease of use related to the arm cuff,” Edmondo Roark said. “Consumer value is our core competitiveness, ensuring that product line
extension, function development, appearance design and more all meet consumer needs and life style tendency.”
“We believe healthcare device market has great potentials, which are not only tied to hypertension/hypotension but cardiovascular disease. Rossmax has developed in conjunction with a German partner, a three-channel mini-ECG, which expected to be great helper for modern households.” Findings reported in the latest Journal of the American Medical Association pointed out that there was an 89% reduction in sudden cardiovascular death incidence in 42,386 athletes screened from 1979 to 2004. It shows the benefits of screening with an ECG. A home-use mini-ECG will reduce time and expense consumption at hospital and manage personal health on time.
Rossmax booth number is 11B12.
About Rossmax
Rossmax International Co. Ltd. is the leading brand and manufacturer of medical and healthcare devices. We are one of the first non-Japanese manufacturer of digital wrist sphygmomanometers, and the first company to independently develop monitoring software for digital sphygmomanometers. Rossmax provides more than a hundred different models with professional expertise in 6 professions including medical knowledge, ergonomics, electronic circuits, software development, material structure, and information networking. As a result of the highly efficient developments in instrument and fixture manufacturing processes and effective clinical assessments, our products have been approved by FDA (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and certified by CE (the EU Conformite Europeenne ), and ISO9001. Rossmax plays a leading role in the field of personal healthcare products to keep your health in check. More information, please check out

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