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RiTract Ltd.

Ritract Claims World First as Product Arrives in Australia

Ritract Limited is pleased to announce that the first commercial batch of its user-controlled retractable safety syringe has arrived in Australia. The stock is now located in the warehouse of Ritract’s Australian distribution partner, Device Technologies and has been cleared for commercial release. The Ritract syringe is the world’s first commercially available automatic retractable safety syringe that allows users to select standard needles and have full control over the retraction process.

Ritract’s team has been working closely with its manufacturing partner, Shandong Weigao Group, over the past few months to overcome the early challenges presented by volume production of a revolutionary product. The team effort has now established the basis for a scaleable production plan to introduce the additional sizes of the 1, 5 and 10ml which are in an accelerated tooling development program.

Rupert Northcott, Managing Director of Ritract Limited said “we have listened carefully to clinicians and believe that the two key features of needle choice and user controlled retraction offered by the Ritract syringe will be well received by healthcare workers globally. With these two important differentiating features, the Ritract syringe is expected to supersede the first generation of automatic retractable syringes that use fixed needles and have issues associated with uncontrolled needle retraction. We are delighted that we are able to offer this product first in our home market where we have received strong support from the medical community.”

The Ritract syringe will shortly undergo an evaluation trial at St. Vincents Hospital, Sydney, to be followed by other leading hospitals in Australia. Product has also been sent to a potential US distributor for evaluation trials and similar trials will be conducted in association with a potential distribution partner in the UK.

The worldwide market for syringes exceeds 30 billion units a year and it is expected the market for safety syringes will grow to 3-5 billion units a year over the next five years.

About Ritract

Ritract Limited listed on the ASX on 18th December 2003 (ASX:RTL). Ritract is a medical devices company with patented products and technologies to meet the growing world demand for safety injection solutions.