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Remote Control

Mikroel and Telemedica present a high technological control and alarm system for gas pipeline systems.
This system includes alarm units and supervisors units (TELEMASTER family) which control all the devices.

They have two communication bus on-board: one to repeat the alarm signals to another remote unit with only two wires (MASTER/SLAVE technology) and the second to connect the unit with the supervisor system (TELEMASTER), so that the unit can be remotely monitorized

The TELEMASTER units can satisfy all the needs of remote control (from a guarded room or from a local network or via internet and mobile phones). All the units can be connected to a PC for a faster configuration.
The simplier and cheaper solution is TELEMASTER-A.
This unit can control and supervise all the equipment placed in a structure (central or departments alarm units, acquisition devices, etc.) and show the alarm conditions and the working set up.
The connection between the modules is fast and easy, in fact it’s sufficient a simple twisted pair wire; the system configuration is very simple thanks to the “Plug & Play” technology; the reliability is the highest by means of the embedded software.
By an optional device it’s possible to send SMS to mobile phones with the system status or the alarm warnings.
TELEMASTER-W can be connected the system to the Ethernet/Internet and to supervise all the device by every PCs online.
TELEMASTER-SMS can be connected to various devices by means of RS485 interface.It can monitorize the workin parameters of the pipeline gas system and send an SMS to various mobile phones when an operative or emergency alarm occurs. The list of the mobile phones can be completely customized by a PC connection.