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Quick and Easy Alternative to Simulate Mass Casualty Incidents

5 “casualties” in a bag!!

The quick and easiest alternative to simulate mass casualty incidents cost-effectively anytime anywhere

Any effective response will have required effective training. The Smart Dummies allow for exactly that.
In response to the feedback received from Mass Casualty and Major Incident drills, TSG Associates have produced a simple and cost effective approach that eliminates all the difficulties associated with real volunteer casualties. Director Colin Smart said: “this practical, time saving and cost effective training tool has been designed by rescue professionals for rescue professionals and has achieved proven results in the quality of EMS response.”
Smart Dummies are simple inflatable manikins designed specifically for the use in decontamination and multiple casualty drills. Made out of durable material they provide the answer when you simply want to practice your management procedures with out being concerned with patient care.
Edward H. Francis, Emergency Management drills committee chair describes it as: “a valuable training aid, easy to inflate, handle, move and most importantly manage with very little pre-planning needed to provide our staff with valuable experience in which they were able to process large numbers of “victims” very quickly.” He said: “I was excited to see how your “adults and pediatric patients” solved this problem and added that “at the facility, the equipment performed flawlessly and simulating several hundreds “victims” without your product, would have been a major people-problem.”

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