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Quality by Jimco

New procedures and latest techniques are related to innovation. Jimco from its inception is striving to up grade the manufacturing skill and deliver precision crafted instruments. Hence, our precision generating driving workforce is in the field of competence.
New devices are undertaken to develop as per design & specific applications.
Proper material is a key feature to produce standardized instruments. Quality stands first in our priorities while testing and evaluating the design obligations are supposed to match the destined results in the op theater.
Micro surgery instruments are not limited to neurosurgery, cardiovascular or any of its kind, but ultra delicate forceps, clamps, scissors, n/holders and alligator action items are wholeheartedly crafted with meticulous care. Tungsten carbide inserts are implanted on many instruments, it ensures optimum life. Selection depends on customer’s own choice and specifications.
Traceability standards and world renowned certification systems like GMP (FDA-US)
ISO 9001:2000 & CE Mark are identically operative.